The Catalogue of Anti-Female Shaming Tactics

The term “shaming tactics” is familiar to many  of the so-called  MRAs or (men’s “rights” activists).  It is utilized in their attempt to victimize men, thus gaining sympathy for those who are unaware of their true colors. They claim that these shaming tactics were used against them, but they are generally the primary exploiters of this pusillanimous method.  However, these misogynists are not the only ones guilty of using shaming tactics against the people who defend to rights of women.  Female androcentrists use them, as well.

Shaming tactics are emotional devices meant to play on a woman’s insecurities and shut down debate or even productive criticisms.  They are meant to elicit sympathy for male supremacists and to demonize women who question the objectives of those who fight against their rights.  Most, if not all, shaming tactics are basically just personal attacks.

These “anti”-Feminists equate supporting women’s rights, with hating men. In their mind, they believe that women should not take charge, embrace autonomy, or attain a self-sufficient lifestyle. Everyone who identifies as an “anti”-Feminist believes that any of those actions promotes the hatred of men. They believe, that if you don’t develop a vital dependence upon men, that they hate him, and are destroying society.


Code White: (STRAW MAN APPROACH.); This tactic is characterized by the attacker, harassing the subject with false, and/or faulty theories and ideologies concocted from the twisted words of the subject. It is usually (almost always) composed completely of personal attacks, and the claim that the subject has an agenda behind what they’ve been telling the public. The attacker usually knows this to be false, but their sociopathic/paranoid psychological profile allows it to feel guiltless of their behaviour.


  • “You just want female supremacy!”
  • “All you want is to be victimized and babied!”
  • “You just want to get laid!”
  • “You want to take everything everyone else has, because you’re too lazy to earn it yourself!”

Code Grey: (SEXUAL-ISM.); This tactic is characterized by the attacker, assuming the subject’s sexuality to be political, or even a movement. This stems from the immense hatred of women who do not fall to a man’s feet, and cry out for his approval.


Code Silver: (SELFISH); This attack is self-explanatory.  It is a common charge hurled at women who do not want to be bothered with romantic pursuits.


  • “You are so materialistic.”
  • “What woman rejects the right to be loved? You are not a real woman!”
  • “You are so greedy.”

Code Black: (FEMALE SUPREMACIST.); This tactic is characterized by accusing the subject of pursuing a gynocracy of some sort, or a female dominated “femtopia”.


  • “You’re an extremist.”
  • “You just like the KKK. History will remember you as just another hate group.”
  • “… more feminazi zaniness…”

Code Violet: (DEATH THREATS); This tactic is characterized by the attacker sending the subject with threats of death and violence.


  • “I would put all the feminists on an island, and blow it up.”
  • “Until you feminists have paid with your lives, then you get the vote”
  • AVfM Terrorists

Code Pink: (THREATS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE, HARASSMENT); This tactic is characterized by sending the subject threats of sexual violence. This is the most popular of tactics mainly used against lesbians, or women who are private with their sexualities. It is meant to make the subject uncomfortable and scare them away from a rational debate.


  • “There’s a new pill to cure lesbians, it’s called “trycoxagain. LOLz”
  • “You just need some dick”
  • “You want the D”
  • “I can fuck your brains out, and you’d hate feminism.”

Code Blue: (BLACK SHEEP); This tactic is characterized by the attacker assuming the subject to be a homely outcast, withnothing beeter to do with their lives, so they go on to “hate men”.
Code Ceil: (VICTIMOLOGY); This tactic is characterized by


  • “Stop being so negative, women have had it better than men throughout history.”
  • “You are so cynical.”
  • “If you refuse to have relationships with men, then you are admitting defeat.”
  • “Women need men, and the more they deny it, the more they will try to suck men dry.”

Code Cyan: (DESPERATE); This tactic is characterized by
Code Olive: (DONE DADDY); This tactic is characterized by the attacker assuming the subject has issues with their father, of which has caused a paranoia complex between themselves and men.

  • “Are you upset because daddy didn’t make you his little princess?”

Code Green: (PENIS ENVY); This tactic is characterized by
Code Brown: (THE ULTIMATE MISOGYNIST.); This tactic is characterized by
Code Taupe: (FAT SHAMING/UGLY HAG.); This tactic is composed of the “bull dyke” tactic and is utilized to deem the subject as over-weight (and by proxy) unattractive. Body-shaming is ubiquitous and abhorrent. It is especially levied against women, who are shamed for being skinny, for being tall, for being short, for having big boobs, for having small boobs, for having body hair, for being unfeminine, for being too sexy, for being too prudish, for being smart — shamed at some point for being pretty much anything while also being female, including for being ugly (and failing to serve a purpose as a beauty object) and for being pretty (which must mean they are vapid or dumb).


  • “I bet you’re a fat, ugly, bull dyke with 10 cats!”
  • “You’re nothing but a prude. No man will ever want you.”
  • “You and your feminazi friends could disappear, and the world would be a better place.”
  • “You probably sit at home all day stuffing your face and waiting for a man to take care of you.”
  • “Fat cunt!”
  • “Have you thought about the problem being you?”

Code Copper: (FEMINIZER.); This tactic is characterized by
Code Yellow: (BLISSFULLY IGNORANT, GULL.); This tactic is characterized by
Code Orange: (BULL DYKE, OR HOMOPHOBIA.); This tactic is characterized by
Code Red: (MANUFACTURED MISANDRIST.); This tactic is characterized by the attacker doing 1 of 3 things. 1.) Manufacture evidence of the subject hating the male gender. 2.) The assumption that the subject hates men. (Even if the attacker knows this is misinformation, they still use it in the desperate attempt to validate their claims.) 3.) They assume that since you support women’s rights, you support the hatred of men by proxy.


  • “You’re subscribed to [insert feminist media] therefore you support the idea of misandry!!!1!”
  • “If you didn’t hate men, you wouldn’t identify as a feminist.”

Code Crimson: (SLUT SHAMING/DE-CASING.); This tactic is characterized by the attacker, assuming the subjects sexual behavior to be very open. The subject is assumed to be extremely promiscuous, and irresponsible with their sexuality. Slut shaming is the act of criticizing a woman for her real or presumed sexual activity, or for behaving in ways that someone thinks are associated with her real or presumed sexual activity.


  • “You’re just a toy men use before they get wives. Western women are nothing more than a quick fuck.”
  • AVfM Terrorist
  • “Your vagina is probably so lose, I could fit my head in it.”

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